jacquelinemurphy-316x316JACQUELINE MURPHY

As Olivia Spencer

Jacqueline Murphy is an award-winning actress, director, and filmmaker. She made her directorial debut in the short film  The Admired (2017) , which she starred in, created, produced, directed, and co-wrote. The Admired has won over 37 film festival awards. She also made The Admired into a TV Series in which she plays Olivia Spencer, an actress who dreams of being a glamorous 1940’s Hollywood movie star. She had roles in many TV shows and films, including Martin Scorcese’s Goodfellas, Woody Allen’s  Radio Days and recently, in scenes opposite Liam Neeson and Ed Harris in Warner Brothers’ Run All Night, Law & Order as “Emily Trudeau” and has been on many soap opera’s most notably for her role as Nurse Thomas in “All My Children”.

leon-winters-316x316LEON WINTERS

As Mr. Z

A model/actor born and raised in South East England, he modeled in NYC and other parts of the world for various recognized designers and brands. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts from London, UK. He is thrilled to be playing the charming Mr. Z in The Admired. Leon has won the Award of Merit for Best Leading Actor at Accolade Global Film Competition and the Best Shorts Competition.

lynnenewton-316x316LYNNE NEWTON

As Quinn Hightower

A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Lynne always knew she wanted to be a performer. She began as a dancer at the age of 7 and has not stopped since. Lynne has won the Award of Merit Special Mention for an Actress in a Supporting Role at the Best Shorts Competition for The Admired. She also served as Associate Producer on the film, and co-wrote the screenplay for which she shares the Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film award at the London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema 2017.

steve-carnahanSTEVE CARNAHAN

As Billy Nightingale

Steve Carnahan has worked in many movies including Southern dysComfort and Fake where he met Jacqueline. They continue to work together in The Admired as husband and wife in the film. His character is a gambling and rambling man, who is always trying to make good. Steve also won Best Leading Actor at the Accolade Global Film Competition for The Admired.

bridget-bradyBRIDGET BRADY

As Corine Sydney

Bridget Brady is a singer, songwriter and actor.  She is thrilled to be part of The Admired, not only as jazz-singer Corine Sydney, but also to have written and sung the title-track with and two other songs, all with Jacqueline Murphy. Bridget also won the Award of Merit for Best Original Song at the Accolade Global Film Competition for The Admired.

jeff-rectorJEFF RECTOR

as Samuel Meyer

Jeff Rector is an actor and producer. His acting credits include Wall Street, Fatal Kiss and Revamped, which he also produced. He is the President of the Burbank International Film Festival and a member of the Television Academy. In The Admired he plays the head of Hollywood’s largest film studio. Jeff has won the Award of Merit for Best Supporting Actor at the Best Shorts Competition.

richardriehle-316x316RICHARD RIEHLE

as Grossberg

Wonderful character actor who has worked on Transformers, Office Space, NCIS and many other TV shows and films. He was born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. He is of German and Irish descent.

pamela-morganPAMELA MORGAN

as Vivienne Valentine

Pamela Morgan is a celebrity chef and host of Flirting with Flavors. She has appeared as an expert judge on the Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay as well as a guest expert on Fox and Friends.

tom-hallickTOM HALLICK

as Romeo Valentine

Tom Hallick was born on June 13, 1941 in Buffalo, New York, USA. He is an actor, known for Gangster Squad (2013), Days of Our Lives (1965) and My Favorite Martian (1999).

maria-elena-infantinoMARIA ELENA INFANTINO

as Starlet Moore

Maria Elena Infantino is an actress and producer, known for Stargo (2013), The Admired (2016) and JOB’s Daughter (2016). She is also an international singer and known for her show Piaf. Maria also won Best Supporting Actress at the Accolade Global Film Competition for The Admired.

david-bartlettDAVID BARTLETT

as David “Davey” Haze

David Bartlett has acted in films and theatre for over 40 years. His films include Cartel War, Nowhere Fast and A Voice In The Dark, and theatre productions include The Music Man and the original musical Divine Lust.

peter-soliPETER SOLI

as Rocco Hudson

Peter Soli was born on May 28, 1950 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is an actor and producer for LA Cougars (2016) and Frank and Ava (2017). Happy to be working on The Admired.

mike-bryerMIKE BREYER

As Rhett Dabler

Mike Breyer is a versatile actor, writer, producer and director as well as the CEO of Frogg1 Productions. Mike’s first movie appearance was in the 1992 film Thunderheart. Currently directing, producing Gradation.

julia-kostenevich-316x316JULIA KOSTENEVICH

As Bunny Rogers

Julia was born in Moscow, Russia to a family of Russian, Jewish, Armenian and Polish descent. Due to her diverse ancestry, she was brought up in a bohemian environment and learned at an early age how to swim against the tide and overcome the unpredictable.

max-cutlerMAX CUTLER

as Bartender

Max was born and raised in LA. Recent films include Expensive Friends, a dark comedy, has screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and 0 Feet Away was nominated for Best Horror at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and won Best Short Film at the LA Thriller Fest.

deni-christophersonDENNI CHRISTOPHERSON

As Paparazzi

Deni was the set photographer for The Admired and enjoyed playing Paparazzi in the film.

joycelyn-lewJOYCELYN LEW

As Japanese Hostess

Appeared in films, Fatal Beauty with Whoopi Goldberg, Tai-Pan, Hindsight, Shattered Image, and a lead in Battle Creek Brawl. She had the largest part ever given a woman in the Kung Fu (1972) television series.

ewart-chinEWART CHIN

Sushi Chef

Ewart Chin was born in Japan and studied Japanese Karate at a very early age. He produced Lockhart: Unleashing the Talisman and Martial Arts Kid.

dh-lewisDH LEWIS

As Hollywood Bombshell

DH Lewis has worked on many TV shows and independent films, including Southern discomfort and Fake.

rubin-roberto-gomezRUBEN ROBERTO GOMEZ

As Socialite

Ruben Roberto Gomez was born in Argentina and is married to Lynne Alana Delaney. They just produced a movie called The Remake. Ruben has worked on films such as Southern discomfort and Fake.


As Socialite

Lynne Alana Delaney is a California based actress and is married to Ruben Roberto Gomez. She directed the film The Remake. She has worked on many films such as Southern discomfort and Fake.

davidterrell-316x316DAVID TERRELL

As Virgil Fontenot

David Tyrell was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He has worked on films such as Southern discomfort and Fake.

rahima-delveroRAHIMA DELVERO

As Socialite

Rashima is an actress known for The Red Thread, The Admired and Ringside.

miho-fujiMIHO FUJI

As Socialite

Miho is an actress and singer born in Japan. She studied Suzuki, a Japanese martial art. She is thrilled to be working on The Admired.

shelly-sheratonSHELLEY SHERATON

A Socialite

Shelley Sheraton is known for “Club Lingerie” as Columnist Lois Rogers in Club Lingerie and also plays a Hollywood Ccolmnist in The Admired. She was also a reporter for What’s Up Orange County and is known for her Mae West impersonations, most recebtly on the Marylou Henner Show.

ethan-c-averyETHAN C AVERY

As Socialite

 Ethan C Avery is an actor and writer known for American Sniper, Lotto Double and The Admired.