An imaginative actress dreams of being a 1940’s Hollywood movie star.Her drive is both her greatest asset and her worst enemy…





THE ADMIRED tells the story of actress Olivia Spencer who is down on her luck with yet another failed audition. She fantasizes about emulating the beautiful glamorous Hollywood movie stars of the 1940’s. She gets her wish when she meets a handsome “Devil” named Mr. Z, who seduces her with his magical tarot card readings and his charms. Olivia makes a deal with him to get her dream. She travels back in time to the The Cicada Club, the hottest jazz nightclub in old Hollywood. She is hurtled into a world of danger, fear and heartbreak in the Old Hollywood movie studio system.
She soon realizes that things are not always what they seem. Is it possible that she is in hell? She eventually begs Mr. Z to give her the life back she had before, only to be manipulated into traveling to yet another time.